Can I read documents online? Or do I have to download?

Can I read documents online? Or do I have to download?

You can do both from a computer (see note about mobile devices), whatever suits your needs.

If you would like to view the document online or onscreen click the READ ONLINE button. You can read or scan through it to determine if it is relevant to your research.

If you like the document you can then download it, or bookmark it so you can find it easily again.

Note, that if using GetLitt on a mobile device, the read online function is not available, the document can only be downloaded and bookmarked.
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    • What format are documents in?

      Documents are downloadable in PDF format. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software or other PDF reader software), you can view, print and annotate PDF documents as needed for your research.
    • What information is available for each document returned from a query?

      Each document returned from a query provides the following features to assist in determining relevance: A thumbnail image of the cover Publisher name Date published Date acquired Page count Relevant Links to external sources Relevant identifiers as ...
    • How do I search for documents?

      On the main upper menu click on the DISCOVER button.  Enter your subject, category or any words that you are interested in searching and hit enter. You can search on entities (subjects or categories), by keywords or concepts. For a more detailed ...
    • How do I contribute or recommend to earn Brownie Points?

      When you are logged in to your GetLitt account there are two places that allow you to contribute. In the top menu, there is a RECOMMEND button. Here you can recommend a single document, a URL with multiple documents or simply suggest a subject that ...
    • How do I sign up for a Free account?

      Visit and click SIGN UP to create your account. Once you create your account, you will have immediate access to the full document library. No credit card information is required to create a free account.