Can I save a specific search so I don't have to enter it over again?

Can I save a specific search so I don't have to enter it over again?

There is a SAVE THIS QUERY button, if you would like to save the criteria you have entered. You can later revisit your saved searches under your profile.

If you have the free GetLitt plan you will be limited to 3 saved searches at any given time, however you can purchase more with earned or paid brownie points (discussed here).

If you have the premium GetLitt plan you will have unlimited saved queries.
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      On the main upper menu click on the DISCOVER button.  Enter your subject, category or any words that you are interested in searching and hit enter. You can search on entities (subjects or categories), by keywords or concepts. For a more detailed ...
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      When you are logged in to your GetLitt account there are two places that allow you to contribute. In the top menu, there is a RECOMMEND button. Here you can recommend a single document, a URL with multiple documents or simply suggest a subject that ...
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      Advertisement free Unlimited discoveries Unlimited downloads from the repository Maximum number of search results Maximum bookmarks Maximum saved searches The newest features will be offered to premium subscribers first
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      First, you will need to sign up for a free account at Once your account is set up, go to your profile and click the red SUBSCRIBE button. Enter your valid credit card information and your service plan will be immediately upgraded and ...
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