What are Brownie Points?

What are Brownie Points?

Brownie points are a fun way that we reward our users for contributing to the accuracy and growth of the GetLitt platform.

By contributing to the accuracy of the platform, adding new documents and document sources, referrals and social shares we add Brownie Points to your account once the recommendation has been verified and approved.

You can accumulate points and redeem them for additional services as needed or towards monthly fees if you have a premium plan.

Note that there are different types of brownie points available through GetLitt. 

Free Brownie Points
You will on a monthly basis be provided for free. Free brownie points cannot exceed the maximum monthly allowance.

Earned Brownie Points
Points are earned when you contribute to the GetLitt platform through recommending document sources, specific documents or subjects. Points can also be earned by suggesting edits to individual documents such as title or subtitle corrections, etc.

You can also earn points by helping us better understand your needs. This could be in the form of a quick survey or a special promotion. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a specified amount of brownie points added to your personal account.

Paid Brownie Points
If you wish to purchase blocks of points to redeem them for additional services, you may do so. A credit card is required for purchase.
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    • How do I buy Brownie Points?

      Brownie points can be purchased by logging into your profile and clicking on the BROWNIE POINTS button. Refer to the chart and choose the number of points you would like to purchase. You will be directed to make a payment using any major credit card. ...
    • How do I redeem Brownie Points?

      As a non-premium subscriber Brownie points are redeemed as you perform actions on the platform. See the chart below for the point cost for each action. *Chart coming soon*
    • How do I contribute or recommend to earn Brownie Points?

      When you are logged in to your GetLitt account there are two places that allow you to contribute. In the top menu, there is a RECOMMEND button. Here you can recommend a single document, a URL with multiple documents or simply suggest a subject that ...
    • Can I save a specific search so I don't have to enter it over again?

      There is a SAVE THIS QUERY button, if you would like to save the criteria you have entered. You can later revisit your saved searches under your profile. If you have the free GetLitt plan you will be limited to 3 saved searches at any given time, ...
    • How do I search for documents?

      On the main upper menu click on the DISCOVER button.  Enter your subject, category or any words that you are interested in searching and hit enter. You can search on entities (subjects or categories), by keywords or concepts. For a more detailed ...